Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Did you know that as a tenant you have certain rights, which can safeguard you from the harassment of your landlords? Here, we give you a lowdown about your rights, which you should be aware of.

1 As per the laws, you are entitled to have the agreement of tenancy registered, failing which the landlord can be jailed.

2 You are entitled for the rent receipt once you pay the rent.

3 You are entitled to utilise the tenanted premises for residence or commercial purposes.

4 You are entitled for carrying out repairs including shifting of the walls with municipal permissions, if a clause to this effect is mentioned in the agreement.

5 It is imperative that the tenancy agreement is prepared keeping in mind the provisions of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act.

6 You are entitled to be charged a standard rent and not an amount as per the sweet will of the landlord.

7 You can carry out repairs without changing the structure of the premises.

The author is an advocate and president of Co-operative Societies Residents Users & Welfare Association.

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Source: TOI