Friday, 19 January 2018

At home with Ultra Violet

Complex and contemplative in equal parts, ultra violet is often associated with mindfulness practices. A reason why you are likely to spot purple-toned lighting in meditative spaces. The colour is said to fill people with energy and positivity and inspire connection. Why not embrace the hue to bring some happiness and tranquility into your home?

Decor expert Astha Khetan says that ultra violet adds a certain depth to a space. Whether you are using a statement pillow, painting, accent wall, a few sprigs of lilac or a vintage rug - a simple touch of the magical hue is all you need to transform your space. Her advice: "The easiest way to start decorating with a new colour is to take baby steps and not go overboard."
Ultra violet, with its bold and vivid blue, is a perfect match with raw materials such as concrete and natural wood. For statement corners, try ultra violet in different combinations; with sage green, lemon yellow, or vermillion. "In small spaces, avoid using ultra violet vertically like in curtains and walls. Use in small accessories on floor and below eye level," suggests decor expert Vaishnavi Pratima. In large spaces, experiment with walls in ultra violet juxtaposed against contrasting furniture.

Pick jewel tones for a strong visual punch. But the idea is to make an impact without being garish
Make sure your colours stay sophisticated by choosing shades from the same family that are not all too bright
Mix dark and romantic purple with other super-saturated dark colours and rich fabrics like velvet
Use flowers like pansies, iris, phlox, hydrangea, petunia, verbenas, freesia, and columbin
Use vases made in violet assortment
A tricky hue for homes, if you play it right UV can be the pop of colour that your house needs.
Violet can be used in dining couture too. Think a white table with UV napkins.
Bring in violet accessories like candle stands, lampshades, vases to add a splash of colour

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Source: Time of India