Friday, 2 February 2018

Why One Should Choose New Projects Over Resale Flats?

People thinking of buying a house always encounter this dilemma of whether to go for an old property or buy a new one. So, let me help you in figuring out why it is always better to go for a new project instead of a used property.

Your home will be an integral part of your identity. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to paint a unique masterpiece on a used canvas. Previous owners will always leave a certain imprint of their personality on the property.

When you go for a new project you are flooded with options. Right from modern amenities to developers offering you exclusive deals, pre-launch monetary benefit schemes, etc. The kind of amenities new projects provide are too good to resist. Today modern residential projects functions like a city within a city, these townships include amenities such as a club house, gymnasium, swimming pool, sport complexes, gardens, children’s play area, security and more. When you go for a new project you are not just offered a house, you are offered a lifestyle. The chances of getting these amenities in a resale flat is far too less.

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Source: Prrop